Surgical Procedures

  • Arthroscopic knee surgery – meniscus operations, knee ligament reconstructions, cartilage operations (debridement, microfractures, cartilage transplantation)
  • Arthroscopic shoulder surgery – operations of painful shoulder, shoulder tendon and unstable shoulder reconstructions; arthroscopic reconstructions after acromioclavicular luxation
  • Arthroscopic elbow surgery – tennis elbow, elbow contractures, debridement
  • Arthroscopic ankle surgery – ankle debridement, ligament reconstruction, arthrodesis (stiffness)
  • Corrective osteotomies in the knee area
  • Total and partial shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and ankle joint replacements using minimally invasive methods (minimal surgical incisions, special prosthesis) and computer navigation
  • Corrective foot surgery – hallux valgus
  • Treatment and transplantation of cartilage
  • Operations after injury and fracture (fracture osteosyntheses using the newest methods)