Our Values

Our Patients Come First

Everything we do starts and ends with patients. Our patients turn to us with full trust that we will help them get better quickly and successfully.
We give our patients detailed information on their medical condition, suggest and carry out the best possible medical procedures.
We are serious when working with our patients, every patient is considered equally important and receives equal attention.
Together we are committed to our work in order to provide our patients the best service.
Confidentiality of data and information that we get from patients is respected in our work.


The easiness with which we approach the work we do makes us successful and makes our workplace a pleasant setting for our daily encounters and encounters with our patients. This makes it possible to put our patients always in the first place.
All the information that we give to our patients are clear and comprehensible. Both mutually and with patients our communication is full of respect and appreciation.
We take enough time to listen carefully to all our patients and to understand their needs and expectations.
We approach each other honestly and together we find ways for solving problems. We do not give up if it does not work at first; we actively find solutions and that is why our patients can always count on getting the best possible service.

Together We Make a Difference

We help each other in everyday activities because only our joint and harmonized efforts make us the best choice for our patients. We share all the important information among us. Actively we share knowledge and skills, and thus contribute to our common success. Potential consequences of our advice given to patients is taken into consideration, we are self-critical and take responsibility for every part of our job. We treat our colleagues the same way we would like to be treated. We take account that our communication outside work which is related to our job does not harm in any way the reputation of the Polyclinic, colleagues and patients. All the staff members of the Etela Polyclinic have signed the Code of Personal Responsibility and they are expected to:

  • understand its content and the expected standards of behaviour;
  • behave in accordance with the standards;
  • warn about behaviour which is not in accordance with the standards defined by the Code.

Being that this Code cannot encompass every single aspect of professional and responsible behaviour, we expect our staff to use their best judgment in making correct decisions.